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Expert network  

+ open innovation

We give food industry product creators, marketers, and investors the power to learn through through live discussions with experts.


What’s an expert network? 

A learning community where experts share knowledge and experiences.


Who’s an “expert”?

 Someone that lives in an industry everyday from senior executives and manufacturing experts to restaurant owners and nutritionists.


Why should I use the PIVITAS Expert Network?  

When professionals need to test new ideas, inform product development, or get feedback it's often hard to find people to talk to. We combine food industry experience and a robust network to provide you with access to the right experts when you need them.

How it works.

Our network places access to food industry experts at your fingertips.

1: Pick your market.

Let us know who you want to talk to and for how long.

2: Pick your expert.

We'll present a short list of experts for your review. 

3: Learn

Dial into your client conference bridge at your scheduled time.

who's in the network.

We can reach professionals across almost all corners of the food industry. Below are sample channels and titles.

Highlighted Channels

Hotels and lodging


Non-commercial channels

Food manufacturers

Original equipment manufacturers


Agricultural producers

Product brokering

Retailers (grocery and convenience)

Highlighted Roles

Corporate executive chefs

Product development





Product development

General managers

Owner operators


Pay as you go.

Flexibility to scale up or scale down depending on your needs.


  • Access to experts on an ongoing basis.

  • Discounted rates.


  • Build + manage a custom network.

  • Engage us on a custom research or strategy project. Visit PIVITAS Research to learn more.


Frequently asked questions.

Do you accept credit cards? We accept credit cards for amounts under $10,000.

Can interviews be recorded? Yes, unless someone on your call does not consent to recording.

Will I receive transcripts? Transcripts are available for an additional fee.

What if I would like to terminate my call early? You can terminate a call at any time for any reason within the first 10% of the time scheduled for your consultation. The cost of your consultation will be returned to your account.

What if an expert terminates my call early? If an expert terminates your call within the first 75% of the time scheduled for your consultation, the entire cost of your consultation will be returned to your account. Afterwards, the cost of your consultation will be prorated based on the length of your call.

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